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NSSR Annandale, Mn. News

February 28, 2009


Blizzard, what Blizzard? Track preparation for NSSR’s final race of 2009 began as the worst snow storm so far hit the western Twin Cities area on Thursday. “We were lucky to get the two tracks laid out before the storm hit in light of near zero visibility” said Josh. “There were times we could not tell where we were plowing or shaving, and proceeded slowly so we didn’t run into each other in the trucks!” said Hutch. Both Hutch and Josh are the backbone of the NSSR track preparation crew. Persistence paid off as the crew worked through the blizzard like conditions to prepare for Saturday the 28th of February which turned out to be a beautiful day of racing. When the Blizzard cleared, the snow banks along the track went from about six inches to over 3 feet! Temperatures on Saturday were in the high Teen’s with sunny skies and a quartering side to tail wind from the Northwest of about ten mph.


NSSR can truly say that the 1000 foot mark seen the 170 mph mark surpassed at all of its’ events in 2009. “Fast Eddie” Ensor of Illinois and Tuner Glenn Stickels of RPM Specialties came with a goal of hitting the 180 mph mark! They managed to set the top speed of the day at 171.428 mph and took home bragging rights for 2009. Ed Ensor currently holds the Top Speed World Record for the 1000 foot mark at 177.412 mph on his Busa Mod set two weeks ago in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Justin Durand of Rice Lake, Wisconsin set the mark in the Lake Racer Open class at 156.521 mph on his turbo powered VMax Yamaha and Shannon Disch of New Glarus, Wisconsin set the mark in the Four Stoke Improved class at 154.010 mph on his CPR Turbo Yamaha.


The Professional track saw 82 entries for just over 320 passes and the Fun Run track seen 450 passes by 98 entries, for 770 passes in all.  The Annandale race is always a great time because of the amount of entries and spectators from this area. A large component of the Fun Run entries consists of some really neat and pristine vintage sleds from the 70’s and early 80’s who come to compete for bragging rights and trophies in the ten vintage classes.


The Annandale Race proved to stay on course as a race you can’t miss with the setting of nine new World Record Speeds. The most exciting of these was set on the Monster Cat owned and driven by Doyle Swift (click for photo) of the Competition Sports Racing Team in the Improved Stock 1000 class. Doyle drove his Monster Cat at a weight of 750 lbs to the 136.062 mph mark on his last pass of the day to capture the World Record Speed. Doyle has stayed the course for over six years after a lot of frustrating days to finally hit his goal. Congratulations Doyle!


This Snosuit Super Series event was hosted by JJ’s Bar and Tootsies Bar and Grille of Annandale. Safety and EMT services for this event were handled by Karl Harju of Cokato. We would like to thank the Wright County Sheriffs Office and the Minnesota DNR for their cooperation in permitting this event on Pleasant Lake.


NSSR wants to thank all the racers and fans who support us as this ends our Snosuit Super Series race schedule for 2009.  Stay tuned for our 2010 schedule as we prepare for an even more exciting race Season. There is no question that the 180 mph mark is in the wind for 2010. We would like to thank all our sponsors who make these races possible!