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Are you Ready!!!!!!:

The season is here...   It wont be long now until we start smelling race fuel and seeing big numbers. 



NSSR 150 MPH Club

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Welcome to the FASTEST single engine sleds in the world.




presents the 150MPH CLUB


(pictures provided by Kelly Andersen and Pat Welty)

Rick Schellbach with his Union Bay powered 1100cc Ultra Mod. Running 157.090 mph in 1000'.


Jim Rohrbeck and his Open Mod 1000cc Hooper powered Pagel Chassis. Driving to a career best 156.238 mph in 1000' at Annandale 06'.


Dan Strom and his 1207cc Union Bay powered Bullet Chassis ran a season best 154.561 mph in 1000'.

Dan Strom crankin er' up, one more time!



Larry Lauderbach driving the Straightline Performance Super Mod to 152.380mph



Rick Schelbach with his Open Mod 800cc World Record Run.  152.112mph


Here is Mike (Fireball) Graham with his HEAVY METAL CUSTOMS Super Mod

powered by a D&D 1380cc engine.  Mikes best speed thus far with the nitrous is 151.313mph.


Mike Cleary Pro Stock 1000 running 151.048mph in 1000' @ Fairmont 2014.  Thats bookin on a full body naturally aspirated sled. Got Nitrous? Nah  Got boost? Nah  Got speed? Yup, and lots of it.  Photo by Rich Harmer