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Forest Lake Event NEWS    



NSSR Forest Lake, Mn. News

February 14, 2009

Fast Eddy and Paul Groth


It was “Fire on Ice” in Forest Lake, Minnesota for the third race of the NSSR Snosuit Super Series on Valentines Day. What a sweetheart day for setting a new Top Speed and World Record at NSSR of 177.412 mph by “Fast Eddy” Ensor of Illinois. (see videos here) Ed Ensor and teammate Glen Stickels of RPM Specialties accomplished this phenomenal speed when they went out to back up their 174 mph pass from earlier in the day. Their final pass of the day was again at an amazing 175 mph. Ed’s wife Debbie and their two children were there to witness history.


Marv Jorgenson’s Jaws 1 was in the shop getting work done on the motor after taking out a piston and having cylinder damage from testing the previous weekend in Minnesota. Glen Hall and Jack Henricks Racing showed on their D&D Turbo/ProLine Cat to defend their record, but encountered mechanical problems with the fuel system. Glen still posted a great speed at 156.521 mph.


In just four days, race track preparation went from plowing in deep water on Tuesday to a Sweetheart of a day on Saturday.  Hutch and Josh of the NSSR track preparation crew made the call to start plowing the one to two inches of slush and water off of the track area at noon on Thursday.  “We need to get this off and start shaving” said Josh knowing that temperatures would drop below freezing again on Thursday evening. It worked and the two tracks were great! Temperatures were in the high 20’s with mostly sunny skies and a quartering head wind from the Northwest of about ten mph.


The Professional track saw over 80 entries for just over 320 passes and the Fun Run track seen 360 passes by over 75 entries, for 680 passes in all.  Despite the nice day, only four World Records fell.  Rick Bolduc set two new records on his Yamahas in the Vintage classes, raising the Stock 340 record to 91.622 mph and the Improved Stock Record to 109.367 mph! Steve Spire of Mosinee Wisconsin came with his Ski Doo GSX in the Super Twin Lake Racer class to test it out and set the new Record at 120.670 mph.


NSSR was honored by the presence of Mr. Paul Groth, the Budweiser Sno-King speedster, who showed to check out the new venue at NSSR. Paul spent many years racing at NSSR with the different variations of the Budweiser machines, and stated that he might have to show up and light up the ice again. He was glad to see such a great turnout and even egged Ed Ensor on to beat his old record of 177.049 mph in the 1000 foot mark. Paul was recently nominated to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame which will become official on February 21st in St. Germain, Wisconsin. Congratulations to Paul for this prestigious honor!


This Snosuit Super Series event was hosted by Waldoch Sports, The Forest Laker, and Straightline Performance. A special thanks to the Forest Lake Fire Department for providing Safety and EMT services for this event, along with the cooperation of the City of Forest Lake, the Forest Lake Police Department, the Washington County Sheriffs Office, and the Minnesota DNR.


NSSR welcomes you to our next event on February 28, 2009 on Pleasant Lake in Annandale, Minnesota hosted by JJ’s Bar. We would like to thank all our sponsors who make these races possible!